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, Netherlands

- Project: Radium Ion Spectroscopy Towards Atomic Parity Violation in a Single Trapped Ion
- Training: Atomic Physics, Optical Physics, Laser Physics, Laser Spectroscopy, Optical Fibers, Ion Beam Physics

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Master of Science (MSc)

, United States

- Project: RF Magnetron Sputter Fabrication of Magnetic Garnet Thin Films, their Optical and Compositional Characterization
- Training: Material Science, Photonics, Lasers, Microscopy, Thin Films, Microfabrication, Optics, Clean Room

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2014-10Till now

Postdoctoral Scientist

, Germany

- Quantum logic gate operations with cold ytterbium ions in a linear Paul trap
- Development of essential building blocks towards realization of a scalable universal quantum computer
- Teaching of graduate level laboratory course on Laser Spectroscopy.
- Supervision of bachelor, master and doctoral students


Postdoctoral Scientist

, United Kingdom

- Setting up a cryogenic system to operate a superconducting surface electrode ion traps
- Design, simulation and microfabrication of a microwave resonator integrated within the ion trap architecture
- Supervision of bachelor, master and doctoral students


Junior Scientist

, Netherlands

- Research work on a large-scale project involving nuclear physics (for ion beam production), atomic physics (for trapping ions in an ultra-high vacuum environment) and laser physics (for high precision spectroscopy)
- Tutor for a(n) (under)graduate level course on Subatomic Physics
- Supervision of bachelor and master students


Graduate Teaching Assistant

, United States

- Research and development in an industry sponsored project for the development of a cost-effective and compact optical isolator using microfabrication and characterization for morphology, crystallinity, stoichiometry and Faraday rotation
- Teaching of two undergraduate level laboratory courses, one on Mechanics & Waves and the other on Electricity & Magnetism

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Optical design, simulation and characterization:
- Gaussian optics and first order ray tracing for optical systems
- Test and assembly of commercially available optical and optomechanical components
- Design of diffraction limited objective lens and imaging system for efficient collection of fluorescence light and suppression of stray light

Fiber-optic systems and components:
- Collimation and coupling of free space pulsed and continuous wave laser/LED light into single mode, multi mode and polarization maintaining fibers
- Coupling light into and out of both bare and FC/(A)PC terminated fibers
- Connectorization, polishing and cleaving of optical fibers

Laser systems and optical frequency metrology:
- Operation of Titanium-Sapphire and diode lasers, and generation of second harmonic light
- Scanning of laser frequency in large mode hop free range for spectroscopic applications
- Locking of lasers to optical cavities and reference lines (Tellurium, Iodine and optical frequency comb)
- Modulation of laser frequency with acousto-optic modulators and electro-optic modulators

Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS):
- Dicing, cleaning and surface treatment of wafers in a clean room environment
- Microfabrication of epitaxial thin films using rf magnetron sputtering
- Generation of micro-structures with UV lithography and focused ion beam etching

Imaging and Detection:
- Photomultiplier tube (PMT) and electron multiplying charge-coupled device (EMCCD) camera for fluorescence imaging and detection of trapped ions.
- High performance lenses, mirrors, filters (long/short/band pass) for imaging applications

Other Hard Skills:
- Ultra-high vacuum systems
- Gifford-McMahon type cryogenic system

Software Skills:
Programming: Matlab, Root, LabVIEW
Desktop Publishing: LaTeX, MS Office
Design and Simulation: Autodesk Inventor, SolidWorks, Zemax

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