Software Architect


20-25 years experience




University education

Degree / faculty / university
Study areas



Business Administration (post-graduate)

, India
  • Major: CRM

Customer Relationship Management



Bachelor of Engineering (BE)
Computer Science

, India

Professional experience

Occupation / company

2012-07Till now

Founder/ CTO

, India

Jump Started development of iOS and Android Mobile games. Lead the team of 15 Design & Test Engineers to oversee the IT and Technology operation.
• Released first iOS game on Apple Store in 4 months. The game had around 80000 thousand downloads.
• Developed the game framework allowing fast-tracking and release games in 2 months short cycle.
• Released 8 games in apple and play store with automated staged released deployment with an integrated cycle of prototyping, alpha, and final releases.
• Developed a 24x7 trading platform in java with high-speed sub-seconds prices, automated to react to subscribed international trading events like security news, economic news and Edgar security site.


Senior Solutions Architect

, India
References are available upon request

Solution Architect for Media and Entertainment domain including Publishing and Education Vertical closely working with the Sales team. Mentor Architects in their consultancy assignments.
Responsible for accelerating IT delivery capability through the production of a flexible architecture and promotion of appropriate delivery methods. Lead architectural reviews and work with business leaders to manage business risks created by the use of technology.
• Contributed to winning several large transformation deals in Publishing and Media domain as Lead Architect
• Strategies the development 2020 vision for a next-generation platform for retail marketing, publishing and media companies
• Lead the development of working IP application “Content 2.0-a next Generation Publishing platform new age Publishers” which helped secured several large deals by showcasing the thought leadership in the area.
• Developed Reference architecture for Publishing and Education domain based on key market trends and pervasive technologies
• Champion prototypes for showcasing the new trends in the publishing industry of streamlining Print (InDesign) and Digital Publishing using XML
• Automated calculation of key parameters like capacity planning, which became instrumental for RFP participation, for Child Care product showcased in most US Government proposal
• Developed the Semantic Framework for Semantic Intelligent Application which became the basis for semantic research in publishing and Healthcare division.


Technical Solution Designer

, India

• Lead Architect for ODC.
• Support Pre-Sales in technical architecture proposal and presentations.
• Lead Architect for Insurance Client
• Evaluate tools, products and architecture making recommendations and incorporating approved items into the IT standards
• Provide thought leadership, direction, guidance and oversight to engagement teams.


Lead Architect – Pearson ODC

, India

• Lead Architect of Offshore Development Center
• Ensures Architecture group strategy aligns with Pearson business strategy, and maintain a set of key technology themes for the product lines
• Evaluate tools, products and architecture making recommendations and incorporating approved items into the IT standards and guidelines and fostering its usage
• Lead/Guide all Pearson project/Product team in the designing and evolving the architectures for the projects. Manage support for teams in all the phases of the project.
• Mentor teams to architect product keep with long-term and short-term vision.


Head – Architecture Practice

, India

• Aligned practice group strategy with business strategy, and Maintained a set of key technology themes for the line
• Managed analysis of emerging technologies and translate implications of the new technology into an effective IT vision and assesses
• Operate Architecture Review process, Collecting and tracking recommended actions and escalates where there are disagreements
• Mentored architects, and provided support new tools and best practices and methodology for improving the productivity of the projects.
• As part of Pre-Sales, managed estimation and proposal for the deals
• Established an effective governance process to ensure architecture standards are being applied and the best technology solutions are being deployed on applications delivery projects
• The productivity and quality of the deliverables with architecture and Design reviews.
• The CMMi practices were brought into practices for managing the project deliverables



, India

• Managed most of technical projects with domains ranging from banking, scientific, Web/Internet, mobile, to Video/Mutimedia.
• Architected/Developed a time-management system for software project management and producing reports of project’s budgeting and tracking
• Pioneered in starting projects in new unexplored technologies and new clients, to be handed to somebody else after steady operation.
• Became a technology trouble shooter to manage challenging project in any domain or technology.


Technical Manager

, India

• Performed key role in this start-up company supervising efforts of the 3 development groups for AS/400, Client-Server and Internet Technologies.
• Oversee Technical, Quality Assurance, Documentation and Client interface needs for the projects



, India

Developer - Banking Projects


Analyst Developer

, India

Developer AS/400 projects


Developer/ Trainee

, India


Language ability

Exam / certificate
Intermediate (A2)

Certificate of examination in level A2

Mother tongue

Certificate of examination in level B1

Other skills

Key professional skills
Driver licenses
Interests, hobbies, personal

Java & .Net, Cloud Computing – AWS & Google, Native Mobile/Apps: Android iOS, Web Apps Frameworks- Angular JS, NodeJS, Python, R, PERL, PHP, Serverless, Machine Learning, Depp Learning, NLP, Architect, Algorithmic Trading, Chief Technology Officer, Computer Vision

  • Automobile

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