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Metallurgy (post-graduate)

, Italy

Metallurgy, Heat Treatment of Steel, Metallurgical Laboratory Techniques, Corrosion and
Materials protection, Rolling technology, Foundry, Tribology, Powder metallurgy



Bachelor of Engineering
Materials Science & Engineering

, Italy

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2016-05Till now

Quality Manager

, Italy

• Responsible for the implementation and maintenance of the most renowned quality certifications (ISO9001, PED,
REG.305 / 2011, etc.) with various certification bodies (Lloyd's, RINA, TUV, etc.).
• Responsible for process control and metallurgical laboratory. Daily analysis of key parameters
(KPIs) for detecting deviations and activating corrective and preventive actions.
• Performer of feasibility studies for structural steels in accordance with international standards.
• Technical support to the sales office and technical dispute management, non-compliance and actions


Project Manager

, Italy

Coordinator and executor of research projects between ABS, main steelworks of Danieli group based in
Cargnacco (UD), and the ACM research centre belonging to the same group and based in Metz (France). In order
to be one step ahead of the competitors, the group has invested considerable resources in the structure ABS
Metallurgique Centre in Metz, capital of Lorraine and historically an important metallurgical centre in Europe.
I represent the physical connection between ACM and ABS, coordinate and execute the various research projects
necessary to improve steelmaking process and its quality. For example: I'm coordinating a project to improve the
production rate and quality of steels as ingots or by continuous casting with a very low percentage of segregation
(called Cleansteel) for the automotive industry.


Plant Manager and Metallurgist Director

, Italy

• I personally lead the production process (E.g., testing and supplying raw materials, sizing of sinterized
tungsten carbide rolls (WIDIA), management of the ovens, coordination of preventive maintenance).
• I supervise the quality process and the creation and application of ISO:9001 quality manuals. I personally
follows audits from the certifying body DNV, achieving every year full process certification.
• I manage an own staff, consisting of 12 workers and 1 administrative employee, in collaboration with the H.R.
department (E.g., hiring and termination of contracts, distributing productivity bonus and holidays).
• I have collaborated with the Controller to redefine cost centres and processes to improve internal control
process and cost reduction achieving a 45.000€ estimated gain (on a 2.300K € sales volume company).
Additionally, supported by a consultant, I ensured the correct performance of safety procedures in an “out of
standard” enviroment due to the use of potentially explosive substances or health hazards.


Steel Process Manager

, Italy

Member of a 6 people team, I was in charge of developing steel rolling plants design and relevant technical offer.
This job required various different skills, e.g, metallurgical and mechanic knowledge but also teamwork
capabilities and flexibility. It involved the creation of innovative solutions for a wide variety of challenging projects
and leading customers (E.g., Tata Steel, Rukki, Gazprom).
Especially I have contributed to the development of the fastest continuous casting plant (8 m/s) for Posco, one of
the biggest world steel companies located in south Korea. Thus I travelled extensively to Asia providing technical
support to the sales department and the customer for two years.

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Non destructive testing on plates (Ultrasonic Testing)

, Italy

Advanced theory, application, and variables such as beam profile, near and far zones, acoustic impedance, absorption, and sound characteristics. Other subjects pertaining to angle beam inspection include refraction, and mode conversion.

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ISO9001, Metallurgy, Widia, Hard metal, Process manager, Quality Manager, Solidworks, Autocad, PED, RINA, TUV, Teamwork,

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