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Civil Engineering

, Romania

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2017-06Till now

senior site engineer

, Guinea
References are available upon request

. The project is building a port in northern Guinea for mooring and loading Bauxite. The project is based on the solution concrete caissons and slip formworks


Water Civil Engineer

, Romania
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Maintenance, emergency responders in repair, development of water network (420 000 inhabitants). This activity is performed in water network, water treatment stations and waste water treatment plant.


Site Manager Supervision

, Angola
References are available upon request

a project to build 6000 units houses and all necessary infrastructure. I am responsible in Groundworks, infrastructure works like earth moving, refill earth, RC frame and structures, steel works, electrical line systems, concrete form works, reinforced concrete works, culverts, small bridges, roads, pavement, asphalt roads, landscape, Compacted ramps for Houses with Apartments , sewerage systems , water supply system, Water treatment plant, drainage, waste water systems including Waste water treatment plant, Bridges…etc.

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Site Manager

, Romania
References are available upon request

New Waste water treatment plant. The Plant serves to 28 000 residents-project value- 28 million EURO.


Site Manager

, Romania
References are available upon request

Special construction Roads (234 Km), crane platforms and special reinforced concrete foundation for wind power plant to the Fantanele site – Romania. Project value - 1, 5 billion EURO


Site Manager

, Romania
References are available upon request

CONSTRUCTIONS-HIGHT STRUCTURES (Reinforced concrete, steel Towers, Surface and underground tanks.) and special INSULATIONS (Workshop fabricated, and installation of steel structures, steel or aluminum. Install insulation on metal supports. Manufacture and installation of protective sheet made of galvanized, aluminum or stainless steel.). Project value – 120 million EU


Site Engineer

, Israel
References are available upon request

NEW PORT SOUTH, CONTAINER TERMINAL to TO BLACK SEA, project is based on the solution concrete caissons and slip formworks.
SITE MANAGER -THE NEW MAIN BREAKWATER IN (ISRAEL). (FIDIC CONTRACT) - Project is based on the solution concrete caissons and slip formworks
Executed Concrete works for maritime cranes on docks, Wharfs, Berth, Dredging. All Infrastructure of the new port extended. Execution of the New Container Terminal, of port . Project Value – 1. 4 billion USD

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site manager

, Lebanon
References are available upon request

THE NEW AIRPORT () like that – Execute of RC structures of new terminal, Execute groundwork and foundation and the Aircraft runways, Execute reinforced concrete platforms. Execute endowment of all of this (installations, tunnels). Project Value – 140 million USD
Site Manager to PORT -The MAIN BREAKWATER, WARFS, BERTHS AND DREDGING to Port. Extend the Container Terminal to Port
-EXTEND AND MAINTENANCE OF PORT –ALGERIE. Execution of docks, piers, jetty’s, dredging the old port.


site Engineer

, Romania
References are available upon request

1992 – Site Engineer - Extend infrastructure of the port and extended the main breakwater in PORT –MOOROCO.

1984 - 1992 Site engineer – Execution of two navigable channels like so – first channel 62 km from DanubeTo Black Sea.Second – – Black Sea with 32 km.
Works executed.
Large excavations navigation channel with a depth of 60 m, including front blasting work. Protections massive slopes with massive concrete walls, gabion. The execution of the foundation pillars supporting the two bridges over the canal each aperture of 160 m. installing the decks at the two bridges support the cables. Execution of the foundations and locks and Ovidiu city, lock 2-way transit for vessels up to 20,000 DWT capacity.


field engineer

, Romania
References are available upon request

Building in water systems and drainage systems, building boosting and rebooting pump stations

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Red and Yellow FIDIC
MARITIME WORKS - Breakwaters, Dredging and reclamation, Coastal structures, Water intake and outfall structures, WARFS, BERTHS , dams, canals & locks.
PIPE LINE-Small, medium and large diameters onshore, main pipeline, underwater pipe, pipe line of reinforced concrete, steel and plastic materials pipeline.
WATER SYSTEMS - Reservoirs and collection, wastewater treatment, wastewater and storm water collection, water treatment and water resources.
CONCRETE ENGINEERING- Bath plant, hot and cold weather concreting, mass concrete placement, pavement highway, reinforced steel concrete, form work concrete, embankments, walls, houses, etc.
SOIL and EARTHWORK - General earthwork, dewatering, mass earthwork, embankments walls, pilling-hammer, pilling-vibratory, slurry walls, compaction and testing, excavation.
INFRASTRUCTURE-Irrigation, Channels, Airports, Bridges, Water systems, Dams, Highways, Ports, Treatment plant facilities, dredging, wharf’s, berths ,breakwaters and main breakwaters and also all kind of insulation.

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