Software Developer

United States

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Industrial Distribution and Engineering Technology
Production Engineering

, United States

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2017-02Till now

Software Developer / Team Lead

, United States
References are available upon request

* Recruiting, coaching, and leading a team of 11 software engineers, 2 project managers, and 2 designers in a rewrite of a 12-year old legacy enterprise web application powering the school’s entire administrative backbone serving 400+ users
* Overseeing code reviews, documentation updates, testing suite implementations, and maintaining legacy code base
* Led the 4 year long project live into production halfway through time and managed transition into a successful launch
* Tech Stack: Ubuntu, PostgreSQL, jQuery/React.js, Webpack + npm, PHP, Python


Engineering Change Order Planner

, United States
References are available upon request

* Lead 20+ suppliers transition onto new consignment program reducing material lead times and gaining cost reductions
* Analyzed large set of supplier data to find pricing optimizations based on minimum order quantities while balancing inventory risk
* Implemented product phase in dates for product changes in order to mitigate risk of excess obsolescent materials
* Selected and managed product suppliers based on data driven analytics of performance trends


Student Researcher

, United States
References are available upon request

* Applied algorithm driven methodologies to research and provide consulting recommendations for a global electronics distributor executives with a top down analysis to improve value offerings
* Extensive application of data driven analytics research including competitive analysis, vertical market, and adjacent product line opportunities in order to exploit market gaps to sponsoring company executives

Training and development

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2017-02-01Till now

Leadership Training

, United States

Two year post graduate leadership training program focusing on the development of leadership skills, team coordination, public speaking, character building and domestic-international faith based community service

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Associates in Computer Science

, United States

* Data Structures and Algorithms II

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Advanced (B1)

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Specialties -- Data Analytics, Pricing Optimization, Project Management, Supply Chain Management, Inventory Forecasting
Software -- C++, Python, R, Databases, MySQL, NoSQL, AutoCAD, MATLAB, Django, HTML, CSS, Linux, Git, Excel, VBA

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