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Bachelor of Engineering

, Mexico

Static dynamic mechanics, differencial and integral calculus, linear algebra, programmin language C, electricity and magnetism, drawing assisted by computer (CAD), differential equations, vectorial calculus and complex variable, Numerical methods, modern physics and optics, probability and stochastic processes, modelling and simulation, electromagnetic theory, theory of circuits, theory of communications, control theory, metrology, real time systems programming, computer architecture, biology, project management, dynamics of mechanisms, image processing matlab, chemistry, analysis of organizations, biomagnetism, biomechanics, microcontrollers, physioanatomy, physical chemistry, biological instrumentation, biological signal processing, biochemistry, entrepreneurship training and leadership, Mechanisms and micromechanism, theory of materials, biophysics, bionic systems modeling, Normativity and technological management, artificial visión, design and construction of bionic prototypes, logical circuits, electronics, fundamentals of economics, sensors and actuators, neuronal systems programming.

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Biomedical engineer

, Mexico

I elaborated preventive and corrective maintenances to the medical equipments belonging to the hospital, : Equipments of electrodiagnostics,: monitors of vital signs, electrocardiographs, desfibrillators, Ultrasounds, X-rays . Also i worked with surgical lamps ,anesthesia machine and cradles of radiant heat. I have controlled incubators of general procedure for the area of neonatalogy. In this work I had the opportunity to work with equipment of tocosurgery and medical Ultrasound machine.


Biomedical engineer

, Mexico

I have had the opportunity to work as manager of the area of biomedical engineering, also i have worked with the director of the hospital, administrators and chiefs of every service on all the topics related to the medical equipments and zones of official certification in the hospital. At the same time i developed and i administered a program and i maked operations for the preventive and corrective maintenances of the hospital in the following zones: emergency, ICU, NICU, intermediate therapy, tocosurgery, surgery, dysplasias, laboratory, radiology and image , Pathology as well as i have Worked and maked diverse trainings of the following medical equipments: electrocardiography, desfibrillators, ICU bed, vital signs monitors, radiant-heat cradles, cadiotocography and anestesia machine.


Biomedical engineer

, Mexico

In this company I have introduced me directly in the service area, where i drew up the following activities: Training to medical and nursing personnel of diverse hospitals, at the same time i have done operation and corrective maintenances of the following medical equipments: electrocardiographs, monitors of vital signs, microscopes, microtome, centrifuge, pulse oximetry and reparation of sensors SPO2, sensors of tococardiographe and electrocardiography.


Product specialist engineer

, Mexico

My experience in house plarre company was specifically in electrodiagnostic medical equipments as monitors of vital signs and electrocardiographs as the same time i have taken part in the national competitive bidding procedures and training to hospitals and specific clients (doctors and nursing personnel) , also i collaborated directly in the accomplishment of manuals of operation, training and translation of technical specifications of medical equipments of the brand and .

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I am a Bionic engineer with knowledge in: electronics, control and automation, computer assisted design (CAD), human anatomy and physiology, Biology, morphology , design of prothesis. Electronic , Control of electronic systems, programming PIC microcontroller in PBP, Artificial Vision, design of electronic circuits with the package Orcad.
·Preventive, corrective maintenance and operation of medical equipment to: Electrodiagnostic (monitors of vital signs, defibrillators, electrocardiographs), radiant-heat cradles , medicals incubators , phototherapy units, tococardiography, surgical lamps, electrosurgical units, Ultrasound e X-rays.
I would like to work with persons who want to improve the quality of the life of the citizens of the whole world with the use of the new technologies.

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