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Bachelor of Economics (BEc)
Economic Studies

, Turkey

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2015-11Till now

Senior Project Controller

, Turkey

Single point of contact with Powerpack teams for status reporting/communication with program.

Cascade high level vehicle design requirements, function, quality, cost, and timing.

Ensure all control system deliverables are timed and completed as per project timing (sourcing, design freeze, software and calibration readiness, system release, validation, costs, delivery, sign off and implementation).

Report project status.

Liaison and negotiation with calibration team to ensure that overall control system development timing and delivery is aligned with project timing plans.

Ensure PT Controls prototype parts, vehicles & delivery requirements are captured and recognized by the program.

Parts supplier issue resolution (work with core/supplier). Cascade build dates and quantities. Confirm support and build plans.

Lead supplier Reviews.

Lead creation and development of PT Control Modules and Sensors launch industrialization plan.

Coordination and management with supplier and software / calibration teams in support of Powertrain Controls' calibration release process.

Track and manage project budget and spend plan.

Coordination, negotiation with suppliers to support PCM calibration release process. Present on site at the plants to support launch or new features introduction.

Coordinate and manage all build, implementation and launch plans; actively coordinating launch of change request.

Meet Deliverables such as;

Meeting agendas, minutes, action/issues list.

Integrator assessments, conformance

Agreed Controls & Calibration work plans.

Update Global Timing Data Base.

Milestone deliverable report documents, change management plans, lead change requests, data maturity status.

Controls requirements captured and supported by program build and ordering plan.

Cascaded build dates and quantities.

Detailed industrialization and implementation plan including software and calibration freeze, drag availability, flash file availability & PSW part availability.


Change And Release Manager

, Turkey

Lead Role in managing Calibration Complexity meeting Program / Vehicle Spec’s, Calibration release and implementation meeting targeted implementation timings for ongoing production and New Models' Gateway and Milestones.

Actively monitoring & resolving data Issues

Lead Role in managing all software & calibration deliveries meeting program gateways
and milestones alongisde with managing actual implementation.

Single Point of Contact for all software / calibration related issued and Data Related Items for all ongoing production and new models' launch.

Leading Global Core Sensor Team regarding Global Sensor Complexities and Release Processes

Single Point of Contact for Sensors & Calibration releases Process Improvement opportunities
Monitor and advise all Powertrain Control Systems teams regarding Final Data phase and Launch Related Delivery / Program Items.

Actively monitor program releases and monitor progress against program gateways and

Actively schedule reviews as required in support of program milestones and
other internal / external meetings. Quick react to all possible / occurred issues to minimize
the impact.

Actively monitor and manage all Launch related deliverable, build phase and implementation.
Effectively communicate all possible major milestone / gateway issues with program and
third parties

Lead each team member with the proactive approach with their program delivery related system
release, launch management of parts’ delivery and vehicle data queries.

Prioritize and manage quality driven issues required releases.

Work with the global Calibration Controls teams to manage all Controls and Software / Calibration release related process improvement tasks and complexity management for validation.


TitleChange Management Coordinator

, Turkey

Lead Engineering Change Management Coordinator and Controller

Lead all Change Management meetings thru program milestones & gateway of new programs and ongoing production.

Control and advise all project, ongoing production, quality related Change Requests.

Generate and update tracking lists and program metrics against Quality Operating Targets.

Actively monitor and control all engineering change requests and create corrective actions to meet
global process and established program timing.

Liaise with all 3rd party launch and Product Development teams (manufacturing, integration, platform module teams, finance, purchasing, supplier and system releasing teams) and ensure the highest quality output provided to ensure launch quality and milestone deliverables.

Support management review meetings to monitor and report program gateway / milestone status
Lead change management process improvement opportunuties to pull to improve program implementation metrics targets.

Daily and weekly report change request status to Stakeholders.

Support each member of the Project (engineering teams, Finance, Purchasing and Manufacturing and Launch teams) to monitor the current status of program change requests and support plans
Actively monitor and advise about the change requests liability with projected milestone and launch plans.

Actively monitor and report Launch and Implementation status of change requests.

Track Purchase Order, PPAP, Functional Build, stock / rework and part implementation status.


Customer Service Specialist

, Turkey

Customer Service Management

Act as the primary contact for customers and liaise with vendors on the service delivery to customers.
Assist customers in resolving service issues, complaints and claims compensation promptly.
Enhance service experience through delivering professionalism and empathy when dealing with each individual customer with varying needs and demands.

Stakeholder Management

Liaise with Operations Team and other functions to achieve prompt and efficient resolution of customer issues and queries.
Actively promote the exchange and adoption of new processes, procedures and work instructions to create more efficient as well as productive work systems.

Process Management

Promptness in arranging for shipment pick up or handling of exceptions.
Provide responsive reply to general customers' email enquiries or via other interaction channels.
Provide timely updates to customers on shipment tracking status.
Timely management of complaints and claims compensation.

Language ability

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Good negotiation skills (C2)

Mother tongue

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Project Control
Project / Program Management
Project / Product Launch
Change Management
Releasing & Data Management
Customer Service

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