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9 years experience




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Bachelor of Engineering (BE)
Electrical Engineering

, Iran

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Electrical Engineering

, Iran
  • Major: Electronics

Professional experience

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Senior ICT designer and consultant

, Iran
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Providing project architecture, conceptual, basic and detail designs of ICT in the project in association with NACO Netherlands including network infrastructure, and structure, IP-Based Surveillance, Security, access control systems, and network, Unified networks, data centres and Monitoring Centers.
(located on a 14,000-hectare (140 km2) development site. I was in charge of the Phase one ICT, Phase one of this project which is called the pioneer phase includes 240 Ha Commercial area, 90 Ha logistic area and a 120.000 Sq2 Multi-Storey Parking. )

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CIO & CTO and Head of ICT Department

, Iran
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Managed IT Domain of the Company and its subsidiaries and child companies (6 in total) as well as ongoing projects. Including 1001 Cities, Atlas Niavaran Commercial Center, NITC Commercial-Office Complex. I Managed on-site Delivery of IT technical support through my team for more than 90 staff directly and more than 150 staff indirectly. Achieved a network growth of 300% in 4 years based on company’s growth.

Designed, developed and implemented Ensured network, system, data availability and integrity through preventative maintenance program plus development and upgrades for company network in multiple branch offices. Proposed and Implemented enterprise information architecture, policies, technical procedures and standards for preserving the integrity and security of data, reports, and access. Aligned office departments and increased inter-department communication, and data sharing through integrated software infrastructure and integration of 3 software. As a part of the job I monitored network performance and provided network performance statistical reports for both real-time and historical measurements and increased performance and availability by 35%. In addition, I coached and mentored 9 new staff members during these years, including conducting performance reviews, and trained junior members of IT team regarding network deployment, operation, and troubleshooting of the whole system including different services, and applications in 4 branch offices, and subsidiary companies. At the same time, I was in charge of market trends analysis, competition l, market opportunities and potential value for company’s market entry strategy of IT portion of the market.

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IT Technical Design Director

, Iran
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Provided, proposed and Established architectural and conceptualization methodologies, design and integration solutions, compatibility methodologies between various involved design teams. Co-led development team that created business goals, feature concepts, consumer-facing multi-channel complex project road map, communications with investor, stakeholders , and board of directors regarding project goals and progress made while coordinating design partners and consultancy firms to finalize designs , and confirm requirements and develop work systems , workflows to ensure project team compliance with client , project goals, plans, deadlines , and requirements.
(Tehran Science and Technology Park + ICT Tower) is one of the Hezaro Yek Shahr cities (sub projects), benefiting from 180 core capacity of Optical fibre, First Science & Technology park by the private sector management will be constructed in 3 Phases and various functional zones as the Focal point of technological corridor of Tehran. Containing IT tower and convention centers, technology commercial center, knowledge village and international 5 star technology hotel, city of future Innovative ones will be constructed and implemented for effective presence at the global science and technology market.

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IT Architect & Workgroup Director

, Iran
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Created, designed, proposed, established and steered ICT Work group across the project for more than 5 years. Designed, proposed and established architectural methodology, conceptualization, design solutions and integration solutions, compatibility method among various consultancy firms by developing unified work system for maximum delivery, work performance, unified integration and strategic planning for development practices to support current and future projects. Led the design and development team of consultancy firms that designed and created the conceptual, basic, and detailed designs of ICT domain of the project. Also led development team that translated business goals, feature concepts, and customer needs into prioritized project requirements, while developing, and evolving the consumer-facing, multi-channel complex road map for application systems in association with ICTMP consultancy Company. Created foundation, concepts, and implementation methodology to adapt, and utilize new designs for technology-based projects such as innovative, and intuitive work, and operation systems including City Facility Management, Risk and Disaster Management, integrated business, and organization informatics… in association with ICT Work group members. Led communication with investor, stakeholders, and operator regarding goals, and progress made, Translated technical specifications into detailed project requirements, and vice versa and coordinated design partners, and consultancy firms to finalize designs, and confirm requirements.

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Chief ICT Designer

, Iran
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Performed ICT conceptual, architectural, basic, and detail designs including infrastructure, and structured cabling, LANs, Data center, Server rooms and more. Proposed and implemented feasible solutions for new functional designs of a complex enterprise network and suggested options for performance improvement of technical objects. Consultancy, Design, and implementation supervision of:

Network infrastructure, and structure with dual redundant backbone, Main Data-center, Sub data centers, Telecommunication and Equipment Rooms, Integrated wireless network for 16.000-sqm area of coverage, IP-Based Surveillance system, access control system, and networks Including 120+ IP-Based Megapixel surveillance cameras and monitoring center, 38 doors, parking management system, food ticketing, units and floors access control, 34 individual LANs including server and switching rooms.
Golestan Office Complex Tower is a 16.000-sqm 16 stories office tower consisting of 34 office units, this project was designed and implemented as Asphalt-e Toos HQ by Arman Saazeh Co. This project includes 34 office units with independent server rooms and individual LAN networks, 1 Central datacentre, 1 central MOC, 1 Central NOC and 1 central telecom room, In addition to 34 separate LANs, this project features a unified network backbone and wireless network. Central data center features 600 core fibre optic uplinks and 250 CAT6A+ uplinks supporting capacity of 10 Network racks.

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Head Of IT Department

, Iran
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Cross-Functional team leadership, and supervision

Staff training & support, and technical support

Design, and implantation of security, and surveillance systems

Design, and implantation of network systems

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Language ability

Exam / certificate
Mother tongue

Good negotiation skills (C2)

Certificate of examination in level C1

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Intermediate (A2)

Certificate of participation in level B1

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Other skills

Key professional skills
Driver licenses
Interests, hobbies, personal

Advanced and Complex Networking and Network Integration (Vendor Neutral)
Network Infrastructure, Structure and Equipment Design
Complex Network design and architecture
Server Farms, NOCs, Small to mid-size Datacenters Design
Communication and Tele-Communication Networks design
Electronic Security and Surveillance system and network design, Utilization, Installation and field test
Access control systems and network design
Highly motivated and devoted ICT expert, C.I.O and C.T.O.
Determined in utilizing the most recent technologies and innovation
Capable and experienced designer and consultant services
ICT system, solution and project architecture​​​
Team player, Capable of training, leadership, coordination and support
IT project and department management

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