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IT Security

, Australia

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2019-11Till now

Security Engineer

, Australia
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As the Security Engineer I supported the Manager Information Security in the delivery of security operations. My main focus on this role is to undertake systems design from systems specifications and provide support in a project team to the development and improvement of existing software systems. In this role I worked autonomously within a collaborative environment.

• Monitor the company’s systems for potential Security threats
• Provide support in the form of incident response and investigation within the SOC
• Perform Security assessments and risk analysis for contingency plans
• Manage procedures and best practices for the delivery of security infrastructure including firewalls, CASB, endpoint security and VPN products
• Maintain information security and privacy policies based on the instructions from the ISM
• Assist the ISM to review emerging technologies with strategic technology partners related to information security and improving user experience
• Manage security related support and investigation activities ensuring delivery and business focused approach
• Provide subject matter expertise in technical security and technical risk
• Conduct root cause analysis of incidents as required and under the instruction of the ISM


Security Analyst

, Australia
References are available upon request

Recently just completed a cyber security 1-year program at NAB. Covering various areas such as:

Identity and Access Management
Was responsible for provisioning and revoking access support including customer service, ticket management, permissions and groups, CyberArk onboarding, Application onboarding, Active Directory, Reconciliation of apps, BAU and minor projects on the side. Working at IAM helped me acquire knowledge of least privilege methodology, troubleshooting of networking and computer systems.

Data Loss Protection
At DLP my responsibility was to analyse events, determine appropriate responses and actions based on severity of findings and drive outcomes as required. Produced and interpreted outputs and reports to improve business unit risk profiles and security posture. Support business stakeholders including Management Assurance and Risk.

Application Security
Worked briefly with the AppSec team on internal projects. We tested security of internal web applications, mobile applications. Participated in Hack The Box challenges during my stay with the team.

Cyber Security Operation
Working in the CSOC I’ve been relevant for protecting customers and the bank from financial loss from cyberfraud. Other responsibilities included participating in security operations engineer investigating alerts, anomalies, errors, intrusions, and malware. Identifying the root of the cause, determining remediation, and recommend security improvements.


Recruitment Consultant

, Australia

Alitis offers permanent, on-hired and unbundled IT recruitment services and solutions to local and national employers, and through them I worked across all areas of IT, from Help Desk/System Support and Developers through to IT managers and BDMs. At Alitis I matched candidates with a role where they can develop their skills and potential and contribute to the success of my clients’ businesses.
• Adhere to the Recruitment Procedure and all other internal policies, procedures and processes and system.
• Ensure a regular supply of qualified and job ready candidates are sourced and available for placement into vacant positions as needed by continually attracting, screening, interviewing and qualifying suitable candidates.
Ensure all the proper recruitment documentation is maintained by using correct forms and paperwork for all internal and external communication to candidate and clients.This is the place for a brief summary of your key responsibilities and most stellar accomplishments.

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Cyber Security

, Australia

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Python, Splunk, Firewalls, Switching and Routing, IPS/IDS

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