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, Chile
  • Major: Department of Mining Engineering

Geo-Statistical Ore Body Evaluation
The Department of Mining Engineering offers the Diploma in Geo-Statistical Ore Body Evaluation.
The program is oriented to engineers, geologists and others related engineering professionals. This program provides students with a broad-based fundamental knowledge of ore body modelling, sampling, geo-statistics, and its practical approximation to resource and reserve evaluation, quantification of uncertainty, and categorization.

It is also designed to strengthen students' communication, problem-solving, critical thinking, and teamwork skills.

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2012-04Till now

Resources Estimator Engineer

, Chile

I must support the geologist to obtain a better 3D geological model of the mineralization. i must check and validate de data base to estimate resources. i must do the geostatistical of each geological dominium. i must choose the best way of estimation to each geological dominium. i must to report the resources estimates and do work geological files to be used by mining planning. i often i support in mineral resources actualization of the company. i support in the conciliations analysis.
i coordinate and support the 3D designer and the data analyst to do fastest models.
My works.
Mineral Resources Estimates:
*Estimation of Copper-silver-arsenic degrees at strata-bound veins Cosolidations, blocks models, data bases and 3d models.
*Estimation of degrees of Gold-Silver at low sulfidization veins . Geostatistics, block model, data base & 3D models.
*Estimation of degrees of Gold-Silver at low sulfidization veins . Geostatistics, block model, data base & 3D models.
*Estimation of degrees of total copper-soluble copper-silver at mantle. Geostatistic, block models, data base and the 3D models of the mineralization, dikes and falls.
*Estimation of degress of iron-gold-copper at the mantles IOCG. Geostatistic, data base, block models, 3D modelo of the mineralization and falls.
*Estimation of degrees of soluble copper at hidrotermal veins.
*Estimation of degrees of copper-silver-solule copper at mantles.
*Participation at Report type NI44-101 of Resources and Reserves.

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I work creating a good work environment, I am skillful with and logical in the search for solutions. I have a strong theoretical basis for the concepts of geostatistics that can be applied to the process of modeling and estimating mineral resources.

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