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Engineering Informatics, Computational Engineering

, Italy

Computer Engineering , Computational Science

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2013-01Till now

Software project manager in change management

, Italy

is the IT branch of the Group, the second railway company in Italy; we give IT services from Infrastructure to software products to , (), public and private hospitals, payment services for public companies (Pay as you go services).
I was hired as senior project manager, Agile, in Jan 2013
My department have grown heavily in the last months, they need someone that could help in managing projects putting in place a series of rules to improve quality and lessen defects.
I have, also, some new projects to follow on creating company badges and access control; I followed them from inception phase to the go live. (Asp net and Sql server/Oracle)
At the same time, I was starting to reorganize how the delivery have to be done, the source control rules, introduced a bug tracking tool (Bugnet), introduced Sharepoint for rewriting the Intranet of our customer , then I was involved, as manager in putting back on track a project total gone out of control.
Since Feb 2016 I moved to doing Change management as software project manager
I am in charge of creating the new area of “Delivery and service management”, in details:
1. Revising process of product creation and maintenance, small fix and change requests.
2. Advanced monitoring of installed products with proactive problem resolution and customer support.
3. Revising the workflow of software testing our goal is total “automated testing”.
4. Part of committee for software selection: Git, Selenium, Whatsup Gold.
5. Revising companywide workflows, talking to people to create a steady communication between company departments.
Nowadays I’m coordinating eight people both support guys and techie ones.
I’m in charge of creating monthly reports where all the KPI, of the “Service area”, are shown to the customer against agreed SLA.
Main contact with international companies: Microsoft, Google.


Project manager/software analyst

, Italy

My core activities were in the field of software development from Senior Analyst programmer (3 years) up to technical project manager (5 years) roles. International team coordination experience.

Main Customers and experiences
• 2012: , (Italy) (software for Retail consumer support): leading the project for a total rewriting (four coders), of the, Retail management system, of, for , to load the data on the POS of every shop in Italy, from a Sap web service. We gone from one hour for a single shop to 1 hour and half for all the 500 shops in Italy. Keeping always open communication with Germany and Ukrainian teams.

• 2011: , (Italy) (Banking): as a technical project manager, I leaded the team (two coders) that rewrote the software for log analysis of the system, the new software (C#/Sql server), was 100 times faster than the old one in Perl. The team was between: , , Austria.

• 2004-2012: , (Italy) (NIR appliances): as It Manager my main duties were keeping Internal servers (Linux/Windows server) online, at the same time I was the main interface for the external software companies and coordinated hardware and software integration between NIR Spectra analysis hardware made by Zeiss for Italian customers: Glaxo. Coordinating team effort between (Germany) and (Italy).

• 2004-2007: (former ), (Italy) (Medical Ultrasound systems): as it and project manager DICOM supervise integration with ultrasound system, creating internal software for the maintenance of Ultrasound systems. It responsible for public and private hospitals. Coordinating team effort between , , South Korea.


analyst programmer

, Italy

Computer systems analyst and team leader, security systems, permanent.
(management stations for burglary and fire security systems), (Italy).
We created the software for, the management stations for controlling Fire and Burglary on perimeter.
We made products for the security market at building size. I started as Server Side Developer doing development with COM technology, VC++ and XML, after that experience at the start of 2003 I grown to Test and Quality control, creating from the ground up the Test and quality area of the branch, I worked with two people. Worked on different sites around Europe: Karlsruhe (Germany), Mannendorf (Switzerland, Zurich), .

Since May 2000 to December 2000
JRC Ispra, Ispra IT-20100 Ispra (Italy)
• Software Developer Visual C++ and Access Database, in the end I have taken project manager role of a three people project. It was an automation project of a Gamma Scanner Application.

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Project management for software development, experience in change management, Agile, people management, interview to hire others.

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