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Bachelor of Engineering
Computer Science

, India

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2015-06Till now

Full stack Python developer

, India
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I am entrusted with full stack development of applications. I am working in,
* Task management tool with subscription, reports, invoicing and kanban boards.
* Couple of e-commerce sites with payment integration.
* Voter registration using OCR and account management.
* Python scripts to extract huge amount of data from excel sheets and convert them to pipe delimited CSV output files for a financial service provider.
* Python script to compare and delete duplicate files from one of the given two directories. One of the directory can be AWS S3.

I also had a chance to work with a client who helps in syncing and listing products of sellers from multiple channels. It used Python 3 and provided a good insight into best programming practices and test driven development.

I have direct interaction with clients and project managers, to discuss about the projects and gather requirements.

All projects are in Python/Django. PostgreSQL and MySQL are the major databases used.


Senior Software Engineer

, India

I worked in multiple projects leading multiple small sized teams to develop a social network, e-commerce application and website of a furniture shop in UK.

The work gave me good opportunity to mentor junior developers and transfer my knowledge to them. Also I learned lot from the team and helped me improve my career and myself as a person. I had direct interactions with clients, project manager and remote team of developers.

The projects used Python/Django framework with PostgreSQL database and jQuery at front end.

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Software Engineer

, India

I assisted a team of developers to build,
* an HR management tool.
* Document management system.
* Admin Control Panel for energy saving in bank ATMs.

I assisted embedded system developers by providing web interface for monitoring their device activities. I also mentored a 12 member team to develop web applications for multiple clients. All the projects used Python programming language.

The work environment and colleagues were so energetic and supportive that I was able to learn new technology like AngularJS and improve my Python skills.

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Software Engineer

, India
References are available upon request

I joined as an intern in a team of Python developers and helped in creating an internal employee management web application for the company. It was developed using Python and Django on top of Google App Engine utilizing Google’s datastore for database.

I was fortunate to be in this project, for, the team had strict code reviews by team lead and peers. Team lead gave me insight into good coding practices and algorithms.

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Python, Django, PostgreSQL, REST APIs, full stack, web development, JSON, AJAX, Javascript, jQuery, React, ReactJS, Git

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