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2018-11Till now


, India

Working on SAP S/4 Hana & SAP Fiori role Design and Build in the Training Systems.



, India

Role design configuration and testing and deployment methodology for SAP S/4
Hana & Fiorisystem’sfor Asset ManagementModule.
• Created catalogues / Groups for SAP Fiori roles.
• Created SAP S/4 Hana roles.


Sr. SAP Security Consultant - AERS

, India

With more than 1,000 corporate and franchised stores from coast to coast,
Loblaw and its franchisees employ more than 134,000 full-time and part-time
employees. This makes us one of Canada’s largest private-sector employers. We
are committed to being socially responsible by respecting the environment,
sourcing with integrity, making a positive difference in our community, reflecting
our nation’s diversity and being a great place to work. End –User count : 80,000


SAP Security Consultant (Application Architect)

, India

Through a downstream network of 280 Sunoco-branded retail sites, and 200
customer-Operated retail and diesel sites. Following the acquisition of Petro -
Canada (which had originated as a Crown Corporation), Suncor decided to phase
out the Ontario- Only Sunoco brand in favor of converting their Sunoco sites to
Petro-Canada sites. This was done in order to unify all of their downstream retail
operation under the Petro-Canada Banner throughout Canada. It also enabled the
company to discontinue paying licensing Fees for the Sunoco brand from Sunoco
Inc. In the United States, Nation wise, Petro-Canada's upstream product supplier
and parent company would be Suncor Energy. Suncor also markets through a retail
network of Phillips 66-branded Outlets in Colorado.


ENGINEER – FO (SAP Security Consultant)

, India

Remote loading of software for different types Ericsson BTS, script
loading activities for 900/1800 cell capacity expansions
• Software loading for DRU and EDTRU additions for both 900 MHz and
1800 MHz frequencies
• Checking of E1 status, site status, attaching E1 devices to the sites
• Configuration of TRX’s and Timeslots, blocking and deblocking of sites,
TRU, E1 and Time slots.
• Support giving for FM Engg for LAPD project.
• Configuration for the blocked DRU/EDTRU and Time slots of the GSM
transceivers thereby recovering the lost erlangs for each month rollouts.
• Support giving for FM Engg for EDGE Implementation Project.
• Recovering back of the Zero utilization cell in the network thereby
making the cells usable for call/data flow for the customers.
• Providing remote support for O&M for clearing the alarms in their site
thereby maintaining the quality of the network.
• Maintenance of cell sites outage reports, monthly reports, vehicle log
• Having experience with ERICSSON RBS 2202, 2206, 2204, 2964, 2111,
• Worked on POI routings.

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