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Sri Lanka

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Bachelor of Engineering (BE)
Robotics, Autonomous Systems

, United Kingdom

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, Sri Lanka

Designed, developed and maintained SDKs and tools for Zebra-based Data Capture Devices (barcode scanners/ RFID devices), which contributed to Zebra’s core Data Capture business. Established semi / automated test suites for SDKs and tools that maintained quality control and spotted errors. Complied with Scrum based Agile methodology for software development, which led to projects bring managed more effectively.

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, United Kingdom
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My primary responsibility in this position was to evaluate the Hortonworks Big Data platform for suitability in manufacturing. A C# program was developed to generate emails with random words. A keyword was then embedded in 10% of the emails at random. These emails were outputted as CSV files; stored on the local drive. The purpose of the C# program was to simulate customer feedback. The Hortonworks Big Data Platform was explored, and its suitability in manufacturing was evaluated. Documents were published on how the Hortonworks platform functioned.

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2019-05-22Till now

C++ Tutorial for Complete Beginners

, Sri Lanka

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• Programming:
o Fluent in C, C++, C#, and Python programming. Programmed for both desktop and embedded system environments. I have used MSUnit tests for C# unit testing. Have machine learning experience using
• Robot Operating System (ROS):
o My final year project was based on ROS, where I had to design a node to control the Nuronics Katana robot arm.
• Embedded Systems:
o Worked with the STM32 and TICC32xx series ARM Cortex M microcontrollers.
o Can program in Arduino, MBED, CMSIS and SPL.
o I also have a personal interest and have worked on Internet of Things research, development, and applications.
• Electronic System Design:
o Experience in Schematic Capture, PCB and Breadboard prototyping microcontroller-based circuits using ECAD tools such as Proteus.
o Debugging circuits and communication signals using oscilloscopes.
o Wi-Fi using RS232 to Wi-Fi modules and the TI CC3200 microcontroller.
o Sensor Experience using I2C Temperature Sensor, BMA 222 Accelerometer.
o Familiar with SPI, I2C and CAN.
• Robot Arms and Mobile Robot Platforms:
o During my course, I have worked with the Nuronics Katana robot arm and the UCLan SRV; a university designed wireless mobile robot device.
• Computer Vision
o Developed Face Detection and Recognition (Python based) software using both Open CV and DLIB libraries.
• Instrumentation and Control Systems:
o Design and analysis of second order control systems and Root Locus analysis.

• Project Management
• Teamwork and Collaboration
• Communication and Presentation
• Problem Solving
• Customer Focus

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