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Bachelor of Marketing and International Bussines
International Economic Studies

, Colombia

-International Marketing
-International Business
-Negotiation Strategies
-International Relations

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Bachelor of Marketing and International Business
International Economic Studies

, Mexico

-Culture Differences-Business
-International Marketing
-International Business
-Negotiation Strategies
-International Relations

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Professional experience

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2016-10Till now


, Colombia

• Generation of purchase orders and negotiation of commercial terms with assigned suppliers, after verification of rotation averages and inventory levels on the assigned product lines, guaranteeing the optimum supply (not over stock - not missing) of products for sale.

• Plan purchases considering the capacity of processes and storage, and coordinate actions jointly to avoid injuries, reprocesses and costs.

• Attending to assigned suppliers, evaluating their service and providing them with the requirements of Allers processes, permanently, ensuring compliance.


Purchasing Deparment Trainee

, Colombia

Analysis of suppliers for internal requirements,
Explore options for new products,
Follow-up to requests for quotations,
Use of Legiscomex for Benchmarking,
Support in the map of processes of codification of articles in SAP,
Coding of articles and suppliers in SAP,
Comparison of coded products (parent, child, duplicates),
Price-Shopping for potential products,
To quote national and international suppliers the requirements of imported,
Request line specialists to request research,
MRP of imported,
Support in creation of OC,
Analysis of type of risk and classification for filing of health records,
Feed database of customs agency products to facilitate licensing procedures and import records,
Follow-up to filing processes and / or modification of Sanitary Registers, Projection of Import Costs,
Analysis of international physical distribution for import of articles,
Map of international payment processes,
Forms support for international payments, S
contribution in quotations of articles,
Deliver required import declarations,
Document Management FT and RI of imported, Research modalities of Exportation for E-Commerce,
Export of product by modality Courier (Global Mail),
Search for opportunities with CAN countries and / or signatories of free trade agreements with Colombia,
Triangulation of Products with international potential customers.
Contribute the idea of ​​international projects and develop them.


Bilingual Recepcionist and Pool Assistant

, Colombia

• Messaging and route programming for the messenger, as well as the Transportation Coordination (drivers of the Firm) for the associates.
• Elaboration of guides and national and international mail and sending documents to file before the superintendencies.
• Chargeability of Administrative Cats (Telefonica, transport, mail and toilet)
• Administration and Management of Entrapass
• Apprentice Management, if applicable.
• Review of Financial Statements
• Issuance of Letters to the Audit, Systems, Tax and Certification Management
• Translation of documents and / or mails.

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Stay abroad


, Colombia

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Academic Bachiller

, Colombia

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Conversational (B2)

Certificate of participation in level C2

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I am a professional in Marketing and International Business, I am a person with capacity for analysis and effective solution of problems, I possess leadership capacity and fast learning, adaptable to change, persistent, disciplined and creative. I like challenges because I think that these strengthen the way we do not manage in the day. I like the study, I'm self-taught by nature; I pay special attention to details.

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