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Master of Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering

, Italy

My university course concentrated most on Structural engineering with a particular interest on seismic engineering and structural rehabilitation of existing buildings. Furthermore, I was also keen on reinforced concrete, steel, masonry and timber structures.
Furthermore, I spent a research period in Germany, during which I carried out my Master Thesis about the design and construction of moulded wooden poles with special requirement of frangibility. In particular, I developed and validate a numerical model for the dynamic representation of an impact between a car and a moulded wooden tube.
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Bachelor of Science Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering

, Italy

My bachelor studies consisted of the basis of the engineering: advanced math, physics and more specific subjects, such as Construction Science, Fluid Mechanics, Computational Mechanics of Structures.

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2016-05Till now

Structural Engineer

, Italy

My main tasks in the Company is the design of reinforced concrete, steel and masonry structures in accordance to Italian and European Codes. I work especially on the rehabilitation of existing buildings. Thus, I usually analyse the original projects and drawings, trying to understand structural schemes and technologies adopted, in order to minimise interventions and costs.

I also develop finite element models of the structure for the seismic analysis of the new and existing buildings, using the results for the verification of the existing structures and for the design of new ones.

I am also asked to supervise drawers and check their works.

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, Germany

I spent a research period of 6 months in Germany during which I carried out my Master Thesis about the design and construction of moulded wooden poles with special requirement of frangibility.
There, I worked with the research team of timber structures for the development of moulded wooden tubes for road and aerodrome application. I was responsible of a dynamic numerical model of the impact between the vehicle and the pole.
Moreover, thanks to a project partner of the Institute, I validate the simulation with some experimental tests.

The results of this research were also presented and published during an important Conference.

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FEM Modeling | SAP2000 | AutoCAD | Timber Structures | Seismic Analysis | Structural rehabilitation | Masonry Structures | Steel Structures | Reinforced Concrete Structures | LS-DYNA | ANSYS | engineered wooden products | Team working | Organising | Problem solving.

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