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Master of Business Administration
Business Administration

, Chile



Bachelor of Engineering
Industrial Engineering

, Nicaragua

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2016-12Till now

Head of Customer Loyalty and Development

, Nicaragua

Lead the loyalty team to develop strategies to increase customer lifetime value, satisfaction while optimizing available budget.
Develop campaings like Upsell, Cross Sell, Retention, Lifetime cycle, Relationship, recharge and packages incentives.
Implementation of analytics models to have a 360 knowledge from each customer to offer a differentiated experience to every one of them during the lifetime cycle.


Customer Loyalty Specialist

, Nicaragua

Responsible for the loyalty and customer development of clients by developing, leading and evaluating campaigns to increase revenue and reduce churn through Business Intelligence, Data Mining and Analytics of customer behavior, consumption occasions, segments, preferences, among others, in order to surprise them with custom value proposals.
- Project to migrate customers from prepaid to postpaid business for Nicaragua through Tell, Cross and Up Sell while ensuring compliance of budget, reaching goal of migrations, and increasing revenue and customer permanence.
- Up Value campaign: dertermine the use preferences to foster the purchase of packages with exclusive offers.
- Loyalty racks: encourage prepaid customers to top up in order to keep or re-enter into the recharger park and reduce churn.
- Digitaliztion: foster self-management and use of digital attention channels (Mi Movistar Online, Social Networks, Whatsapp, Chat Center, Application "Mi Movistar", etc.) to reduce the cost of call to Call Center; and changing custumer cell phone to one with more advanced technology (2G to 3G and 3G to 4G), which allow them to buy new products and services and thus live the complete experience of a Telco.
- Support the development of policies, benefits and method of the customer retention matrix


Distribution coordinator

, Nicaragua

In charge of 13 people responsible of the distribution of the 184 presale and auto-sale routes nationwide.
- Coordination of the census and restructuration of the distribution project.
- Logistics optimization for purposes of process improvement, sales growth and distribution cost reduction at national level.
- Control of customer management system.
- Net increase of 8% of the customer base.
- Improvement of the purchase effectiveness KPI in 10%.


Procurement Officer

, Nicaragua

Inventory management of spare parts of 8 brands applying methodology like Just in Time (JIT), Kaizen and 5S.
- In charge of defining inventory levels for each of the 15 branches.
- Place orders to the different suppliers, including special and stock orders.
- Plan the import logistic requirements.
Elaboration of product offer and delivery times for key account contracts
- Prepare quotes
- Price competitive analysis
- Reach service rate KPI for 4 brands over 90%.
- Improvement of the moving inventory KPI: Fleetguard in 8%, Cummins Power Generation in 4% and Hyundai 9%.
- Elaboration of work methods in the introduction of a new brand into the company portfolio.

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Result oriented, Quantitative Analytics, Project Management, Business Intelligence

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