Securities Analyst


0.5 years experience




University education

Degree / faculty / university
Study areas


Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)
Banking & Financial Services

, Kenya

Major in Finance and Investments
Minor in Accounting

Professional experience

Occupation / company

2017-01Till now

Securities Analyst

, Kenya

* Analyse stock market happenings and write morning reports, detailed daily reports, weekly reports and monthly reports.
* Write Equity analysis columns on a monthly financial Kenyan magazine ( Think Business).
* Part of a team that produced a 2017 analysis of the Kenyan capital markets publication titled "2017 Playbook". The document
included a recommended portfolio of both equity and fixed income securities that were valued and upsides calculated for the
interest of our clients.
*Attend investor briefings and write earnings' briefings on the same.
* Keep a meeting schedule for the department which entails keeping up with key investment-related events and updating the
team on the same.

Training and development

Degree / institute

Further training

2017-10-01Till now

Chartered Securities and Investments Expert

, Kenya

Introduction to Securities and Investments-this encompassed the regulations regarding activities in the capital markets, duties and obligations of market players, roles of the Capital Markets Authority as well as the Central Bank of Kenya in ensuring the market participants carry out their duties with due sill and care.
Regulations and Market Practice (Kenya)-ongoing.

Initial vocational education


Certified Public Accountant

, Kenya

Intense training on Accounting.
Studied foundations of business law.
Learnt foundations of Investment analysis-which bore the interest in Investments.
Studied auditing on advanced levels.
Basics of quantitative analysis were introduced.

Language ability

Exam / certificate
Good negotiation skills (C2)

Other certificate

Other skills

Key professional skills
Driver licenses
Interests, hobbies, personal

Good Negotiation Skills.
Excellent Inter-personal skills.
Fast learner.
Good research skills.
Good report-writing skills.
Computer Literate.
Securities analysis and trading in the stock market.
Good multi-tasking skills.
Pay attention to details.

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