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United Arab Emirates

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Chartered Accountant
Finance, Accounting, & Controlling (post-graduate)

, Pakistan

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2014-10Till now

Finance Manager Customer MENA Business Unit

, United Arab Emirates
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Spearhead comprehensive development of finances and supervise operations across a range of operating regions including 13 countries and multiple brands throughout the Middle East and North Africa. Maintain business processes and produce long range business plans. Generate performance reports indicating KPI’s and suggestions to improve overall performance and manage risk and opportunities.
Key Contributions:
• Revenue Growth Initiatives: Successfully improve pricing models and head new product launches within key international business region to derive incremental revenues.
* Worked with Egypt/Lebanon Region to restructure customer’s agreements to ensure maximum tax optimization.
• New Product Development: Generated incremental revenue for the system by launching new products with customers which included value chain development, determining concentrate pricing and customer pricing and aligning the proposal with Company and Bottler Senior Management Teams
* Customer Management: Engage with account managers to assess financial proposals and engage with operational leaders to increase aggregate corporate value by acquisition of new customers which enhanced company’s long-term vision.
o Meeting with Customers Leadership teams for performance reviews and identifying opportunities for growth in revenues that could be driven through portfolio management.
o Conducting performance meetings with Business Unit Leadership Team and Bottler GMs on quarterly basis and recommending alternates to improve system profitability of the customers by tracking pre and post KPIs.
o Implemented cutting-edge technology to model key customer performances.
* Budgeting & Rolling Estimates: Proactively managing Customer Marketing and DFR budgets for MENA BU which encompass ensuring timely preparation of 3-year Strategic Plan and Annual Business Plans, Rolling estimates and Actuals.
o Manage Risk & Opportunities and ensured all risk and opportunities are timely recorded and communicated.

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Commercial Finance Manager

, United Arab Emirates
References are available upon request

Collaborated closely with account managers to prepare and assess financial proposals. Committed to improving operations and marketing teams in order to boost total company value. Integrated new products and produced revenue growth plans.
Key Contributions:
* Revenue Growth Management: Actively supported OBPPC workshops to evaluate financial impact and headed system profit and loss evaluations.
* Cooler Investment and Tracking: Prepare evaluation of Coolers injection in the markets in partnership with our bottling partners including building KPIs and approvals from BULT as well as Corporate.
* Multi-serve Returnable Glass Study: Studied the supply chain processes of bottlers with respect to returnable glass to identify opportunities to improve profitability and managing float and implementing the same in the Region.
* Impairment Analysis: Conducting impairment analysis of prepaid amounts to the customers to ensure fair value of benefits exceeds investment.


Country Finance Manager

, United Arab Emirates
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Headed financial responsibilities for multiple countries and conducted revenue assessments. Managed business plans Rolling Estimates for multiple countries and ensured that the set targets are met for each country. Established financial controls and deployed risk reduction efforts.
Key Contributions:
* Managing Multiple Country’s P&L: Worked with Operations, Marketing, Supply Chain in:
- Preparing Long Range Plans, Strategic, Rolling Estimates and Actuals for Countries allocated to me.
- Identifying Risk and Opportunities with the bottling partners and ensure R&O’s are correctly reflected in Books of
- Negotiating concentrate price increases with bottling partners.
- Advising bottlers on Capital Investments in new lines, Coolers etc.
* Deductions from Revenues: Managed and Tracked all supports provided to the bottlers and customers and ensured
deductions are communicated to the relevant Country Manager and correctly reflected in the Books of Accounts
* Reporting to Regions: Generated revenue reports, Country’s P&L as well as comparison with Budgets and Long-Range
Plans and presented to Region Leadership Team.
* DMI Spend Analysis: Tracked DMI spends and conducted pre and post DME campaign analysis in liaison with Marketing
and Operations and ROI.
* Competitive Analysis: Prepared competitive analysis and generated insights for the management.
* Audit: Personally, lead Middle East in audit with no high risks in audit reports.
* New Product Guidelines: Prepared and presented to the Region and Bottler Management new product guidelines for costs
allocation methodology to be adopted for NPDs.
* M&A: Part of M&A Team to acquire majority shareholding of one of the largest Juice manufacturers in Middle East as well
as bottler acquisitions and brand acquisitions.


Senior Finance Manager

, Pakistan

* Assisting with the registration and formation requirements of this start up joint venture
* Setting up of the Companies finance department
* Procurement of integrated financial software.
* Liaising with financial institutions to secure financing for the Project as well as provide financing.
* Assisting the CEO with the set-up of the registered office and initial marketing strategies
* Drafting of and reporting to the BoD on project feasibility and providing updated on project financing


Accounts Manager

, Pakistan

* Worked with the CFO to establish an operating accounts department, including the development of organogram; job
descriptions in line with the project feasibility.
* Developed implemented and ensured compliance with the financial and accounting policies and procedures of the company
and manage the book of accounts in compliance with local laws and to IFRS standards.
* Procured and implemented accounting and inventory software, including the design of the chart of accounts; memorandum
records and allocation of group costs based on ABC costing to profit centers.
* Ensured adequate working capital availability to meet the company's day-to-day requirements.
• Assisted the CFO with managing the preparation of the company's budgets and reported to senior management and the
Board on variances from the established budget, and the reasons for those variances.
* Worked with the technical team to ensure outgoing calls were routed though the cheapest interconnect partners.
* Coordinated with banks to set up the collection of accounts for prepaid cards and ensured reconciliation of fund collections.
* Liaised with tax consultants and auditors to finalize the tax reporting and audit of the company, respectively.
* Undertook research into pricing, competitors and factors affecting performance.
* Liaised with PTCL and interconnect partners to ensure accurate settlement of billing.
* Assisted the company secretary to ensure compliance with the requirements of the Companies Ordinance, 1984 with
respect to company’s secretarial matters.
* Maintained the company's prepaid cards inventory and ensured that cards were accounted for and activated in line with the
company’s policy.


Senior Manager, Internal Audit:

, Pakistan

* Conducted internal audits and reported the findings to the audit committee.
* Ensured compliance with the recommendations of audit committee throughout the company.
* Assisted the CFO with the preparation of reports of the quarter earnings of the company.
* Reconciled the receivable and payable balances in the newly implemented Oracle financials system.
* Assisted the Oracle consultants in the implementation of job order costing, including the reconciliation of account balances.
* Prepared and implemented a comprehensive set of account books for Kohinoor Home Textile Mills Limited, a wholly owned
subsidiary of Kohinoor Weaving Mills Limited


Finance Manager

, Pakistan

• Implemented the new computerized accounting system.
• Prepared budgets for the Ministry of Industries and Production – Government of Pakistan and the Board of Directors and
obtained approvals from the Board as well as Ministry of Finance.
• Advised the Board on the Authorities' operations and recorded minutes of the meetings of the Board.
• Managed and controlled the financial transactions, including the approval of day-to-day financial transactions.
• Handled donor agencies matters as related to budgets, accounts and audits.
• Maintained the books of accounts on the double entry system and the single entry system.
• Ensured risk and opportunities were identified in a timely manner and that all funds were utilized in line with Governmental
• Prepared monthly accounts and comparisons with the budgets and prepared reports for Ministry of Industries and
• Managed the process of fund sanctioning on behalf of the Government of Pakistan.
• Liaised with external and internal auditors, as assigned by the Ministry of Industries and Production


Senior Accounts and Audit Manager

, Pakistan

* Implemented a new computerized accounting system.
* Managed the preparation of the company's budgets and reported to senior management variances from the established
* Prepared management information reports for the sales, service and spare parts for senior management review.
* Dealt with financial institutions to secure financing limits to ensure adequate working capital.
* Liaised with the tax authorities and consultants to finalize the annual tax assessments.
* Acted as the company's secretary and ensured all responsibilities for this designation were properly performed.
* Conducted financial appraisals for asset replacement decisions.
* Performed audits of job cards with the invoices and cash received and deposited in the banks on daily basis.
* Perform audits of cars received and sold and reconciled with the amounts deposited in the banks and receivable accounts.
* Ensured all claims sent to the insurance company were received and properly recorded.
* Carried out regular stock checks of stores and spares and ad-hoc cash counts of the cashiers.

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Power BI

, United Arab Emirates

Course included:

- Structuring and Preparing reports in Power BI
- Putting formulas
- Securing your data

Further training


Advance Excel Functions & Tools

, United Arab Emirates

Training included:
- applying advance formulas in Excel
- Creating Graphs and Charts

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Further training


Presentation Skills

, United Arab Emirates

- Building Story
- Delivering the Message
- Structuring the data

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Highly experienced Finance Manager committed to improving sustainable business profitability and enhancing business frameworks. I have shown consistent success in delivering executive leadership while maintaining strict adherence to company policies and operating procedures. I have a proven track record of establishing performance objectives and consistently growing business productivity by generating timely and dynamic reports and insights to improve revenues and profitability. I can offer the ability to produce sustained profit growth and deliver world-class global leadership. I also have experience in setting up new companies, managing business cash flows and performing operations across multiple countries. I can consistently expand business portfolios and supervise accounting activities all the while evaluating commercial activities and generating customer insights.

Proven expertise in:

• Multi-jurisdictional Portfolio Management
• Cash Flow & Revenue Growth Management
• Customer Account Oversight
• Long-Term Goal Setting – Strategic Planning
• Return on Investment Analysis
• Mergers and Acquisitions
• Team Leadership and Training
• Executive-Level Business Insights
• Arranging Finance to meet the short and long-term needs of the Company.

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