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Bachelor of Engineering
Mechanical Engineering

, Turkey

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Professional experience

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2016-02Till now

Tube Plant Engineer

, Turkey

* Providing to production flow and administrate of relevant personel
* Review processes and procedures on an on-going basis for safety and production efficiency
* Developing and implementing plans to improve quality, efficiency and the reducing of costs
* Responsibility of production operations; raw material planning, controlling of productions, improvement of process, production planning by using ERP of SAP software
* Follow and improve 5S activities
* Reporting monthly of production amount to my superiors

Training and development

Degree / institute

Stay abroad


, Poland

I studied 2 semestr as a university student in Erasmus Exchange Student Programme.



, Turkey

* I did my Engineering Practise internship where the biggest integrated Iron & Steel Plant in terms of long product production capacity facility of Turkey.
* I worked in Energy Facility Department.
* Examined to steam boilers, blowers , turbines, furnaces ,feeding pumps ,casts ,raw material preparation, sinter facilities, BOF shop and hot strip mill plant of them own places.
* Assisted preparing documentation for R&D and project activities.



, Turkey

* I did my Business-Organization internship American manufacturer facility that part of Corning’s telecommunications
segment, is a leading manufacturer of fibre optic communications system solutions for voice, data and video network
applications worldwide.
* I worked in store of raw materials ,maintenance and repair workshop, spinning line, covering line, painting line,
internal cable line, vessel line, raw materials and process laboratory, quality control, packaging area and administrative
*Studies on machines and other equipment's condition, repairing ,selection and business planning, organization and



, Turkey

* I did my General Workshop internship in printed packaging company , is leader of Turkey.
* Assisted to mechanic maintenance service team in store, rotosel section, printing section, paraffin laminating
metallized section, cutting section, logistics, solvent recovery.
* Performing surveillance of the working environment.
* Have been informed about steam boilers, fuel-oil tank, hot oil boiler, oil pumps, compressors ,air tank, dryers, clean
water tank, water pump.

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Certificate of examination in level B2

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Intermediate (A2)

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I have been working as a Tube Plant Engineer in Sarkuysan Electrolytic Copper Industry since February 2016. Some of my achievements in this role;

• Reduced nearly 500 hours of rework/per year in tube drawing machine resulting in decrease electrity consumption cost and increased production capacity by redeveloped drawing ratio of rolling series.

• Identify and prevent the oil leakage that affect the material quality in machines . Thus the customer satisfaction has been rised and the amount of copper that giving back copper tubes have been reduced by meet our customer wishes.

• By collaboration with my superiors I provide the situational awareness that keep strong team working.

Those are things which make me satisfy and ignite such as improvement, implementation of the manufacturing process and manufacturing efficiency optimization and contribution, carrying out and monitoring process analyze. My work is infused with a ’make it happen’ approach exceptional communication and organisation skills and a strong team work spirit. I do these not I feel I have to do it , I do these I love to serve willingly.

As a computer skills i have Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Solidworks , 3D Software Engineering-Catia and Auto Cad knowledge.

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