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Business Administration & Management

, Nicaragua

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Logistics Officer

, Nicaragua

Support the Country Representative to ensure the success of the programme in Nicaragua, addressing logistical problems in project implementation.
Coordinate logistics involved in in Nicaragua, including finding suitable accommodation, meals and equipment for UK volunteers.
Ensure programmes and activities run to plan, and within the agreed budget.
Negotiate and organise the procurement of services, including organising local interpreters/translators (if needed), transport, facilitators, drivers and security personnel, and equipment required for running the project, in line with procedures.
Monitor and maintain supplies and equipment for the project, including health supplies and communications equipment (mobiles, cameras, laptops).
Liaise with the team in London as needed, particularly with the Project Officer (Central America), e.g. on flights, time lines, changes, illness, etc.
Provide monthly logistics reports appropriately documented.
Assist the NCR in ensuring that all legal permissions for volunteers in Nicaragua are obtained, and kept up-to-date in the country.
Take part in mid-term and final debriefs identifying and addressing any logistical challenges that are highlighted.
Prepare in advance budget estimates and lists of supplies needed and suppliers for the orientation programme, accommodation, transport and the rest of the placement activities, using forms, in coordination with the Logistic Assistant and Programme Administrator.
Ensure timely payment for services, including transport, drivers, translators, security, accommodation, venue hire and catering for orientation programmes.
Develop and maintain constructive and effective working relationships with local partners, the Nicaragua team and London-based staff.


Logistics and Recruitment Manager

, Nicaragua

Recruit group of volunteers (mainly from USA and Canada) interested in serving at the organization throughout the year.
Organize and evaluate all paperwork received from all volunteers to select the ones that meet all the requirements according to the organization's policies and needs.
Update all requirements for each program or group of volunteers of every year and make some changes if needed according to the selection process of each program.
Keep constant communication with all volunteers accepted either through email or Skype and send all required documents to have them signed prior to their arrival to the organization.
End of year evaluations of the volunteer program and recruitment process in order to have a better plan for the following year.
Presentation of results to other managers to keep the entire team updated of all the recruitment process.
Make check request to the Accounting Office to cover all expenses of trips to rural communities that the different volunteer groups will be visiting throughout the year.
Make request of all materials to be used at rural communities by the group of volunteers to the warehouse supervisor.
Make request of equipment, materials and medicines to be used by the different group of volunteers to the Medicine Program Coordinator.
Evaluate the annual Budget of the Volunteer Program with the Finance Manager.
Prepare financial reports with expenses incurred by the Volunteer Program and send them to the accounting office for their evaluation.
Prepare and update reports of all the volunteers that join the organization to work on different health projects throughout the year.
Prepare and evaluate expenses reports incurred by all volunteers and try to reduce expenses for the upcoming year if these expenses were higher than expected.
Work on itineraries to give out to the group of volunteers prior to their arrival.


Accounts Receivable and Collections Officer

, Nicaragua

Collect payments from clients who receive legal services from lawyers.
Attend weekly meetings with the Executive Director of the firm and lawyers to provide details of the collection process and get updates from them in regards to certain clients.
Attend daily meetings with the Director of the Firm to provide updates about payments received during the day and get some feedback from him.
Work on an Account Receivable report on a regular basis.
File all paperwork from clients and keep them organized.
Print invoices and send them to the different clients in order to receive payments from them in a faster way.
Work with two billing systems and input all relevant information from clients such as payments received from fees, expenses and taxes for legal services provided.
Print statements from clients and other paper work needed and submit them to the Accounting Office at the end of the day.
Work with spreadsheets on a regular basis to report monthly invoices, credit and debit notes, and detailed information about clients.
Assist lawyers and other administrative staff with important information that they may need from the collection office and other assignments as needed.


Medical Billing Specialist

, Nicaragua

Work in a team of 4 people in charge of managing a Clinic located in California.
Review and process all data received from assigned clients.
Prepare and submit clean claims to various insurance companies either electronically or by
Answer questions from clerical staff and insurance companies.
Process charges from office visits and hospitalization from different patients.
Attend conference meetings with the client (owner of the clinic) to get feedback from him and make some improvements as well.
Work a monthly AR (Account Receivable) report.
Post payments and/or checks into the system so that the Doctors can get paid for the services provided to patients.
Prepare, review and send patient statements.
Review accounts for possible assignment and make recommendations to the Billing
Verify and analyze financial statements to make sure that the clinic is money-wise stable.
Manage the clinic account/budget of around $400,000 to $500,000 per month.


Personal English and Spanish Tutor for two Japanese Volunteers

, Nicaragua

Implemented different activities such as oral presentations, conversations, and one on one interaction in order to improve their language skills in English and Spanish.


Recruitment Officer

, Nicaragua

Work with a recruiting team to review and qualify resumes quickly.
Interact with all levels of the organization and with the client.
Sort out the candidates based on skills, experience, and education to present the most qualified candidates to the client.
Conduct phone interviews to candidates who have met the requirements for each position.
Train new employees and supervise them for a short period of time.
Attend conference calls on a weekly basis with clients to provide and get feedback from them about the development of each project and make sure that we are meeting their expectations.


Customer Service Representative

, Nicaragua

Help customer to place their orders over the phone
Provide general information about items available at
Help customers to apply promo codes to their orders
Transfer calls to different departments depending on customer´s issues and needs.


Customer Service Representative

, Nicaragua

Solve customers’ issues with their credit cards, process payments, balance transfers, credit limit increase.
Transfer calls to fraud, retention, collections and dispute departments depending on customer’s request and needs.
Solve customers’ issues with their cell phones; activate cell phones, open investigation tickets for damaged phones.


Administrative Assistant / Clerical Support

, Nicaragua

Answer and make phone calls, file important documents, type letters, send fax, make photocopies.
Prepare information packages about financial aid and brochures containing information about majors offered by the university.
Input information about prospect students in a database.
Attend student fair and provided important information about the University to prospect students.
Inventory control, handled petty cash, and assisted other staff with special tasks.


Interpreter Spanish-English / English-Spanish

, Nicaragua

Support medical staff and evangelizing team, implement different fun activities for children and provided translation service as well.

Training and development

Degree / institute

Further training



Operations Training/Certification in Recruiting

, Nicaragua

Certification Program in Recruiting, selection of ideal candidates for job posts, interview skills, screening resumes/cv quickly, writing job description, etc.

Language ability

Exam / certificate
Good negotiation skills (C2)

Other certificate

Mother tongue

Other skills

Key professional skills
Driver licenses
Interests, hobbies, personal

Advanced knowledge of Word, Excel, Power Point, Internet Research, Google docs.
Strong Communication and Interpersonal skills.
Excellent Teamwork and Leadership skills.
Proactive and Organized.

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