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Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Betriebswirtschaftslehre, Business Administration (weiterführend)

, Vereinigtes Königreich

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Tätigkeit / Unternehmen



, Indien

As we deal with three basic section Financial Service
Domestic Remittance, Housing Mortgages and Portfolio Management.
Our Assets under Management is 65 million with annual turnover above 100 million on various sections.
Currently we cater to our more than 200 clients consisting of HNI and Ultra HNI Clients.

Being Sole Proprietor of , my role involved managing sales and co-ordinating financial operations. Managing and leading our staff to deliver exceptional customer service experience. Working on lead generations and managing maximum churning of existing customers.
Core responsibilities

Ø Maintain the highest standards for fiscal management practices and business ethics while adhering to all National, State, and Local laws and regulations.

Ø Exclusively involved in Presales, Sales and Post Sales management.

Ø Responsibility involved in Team Building, Major Account Management, Budgeting / Cost Control, Staff Training & Development, Operations Management, Areas of Business Development, Business Planning, Market Penetration Strategies, Consultative Selling Strategies, Account Development, Retention and Risk Management.

Ø Working closely with Data Centre Managers nationwide to discuss and implement process improvements (Six Sigma Process) for customer invoicing, resulting in streamlined operations and increased revenues.


Customer Service Co-ordinator

, Vereinigtes Königreich
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Develop and implement new systems, procedures or working practices to improve customer service efficiency Silent surveys, and outlining the limitation and gaps.
– Condenses data for analysis and reporting purposes.
– Proactively foresee possible delays or complications and plan strategies to avoid or minimise them.
– Maintain profitable customer relationships
– Research issues and misapplied payments and alter the supervisor of trends in customer calls.
– Participation in quality improvement and product development teams as an advocate for the customer.
– Generates daily, weekly, and monthly reports: Issues Log, PO Log, Revenue Report, Open & Backorder.
– Co-ordinating the marketing campaign for school admission and transport systems and Coordinate the day’s routes with the field staff.


Customer Service Adviser

, Indien

Handling second line customer services for resolving disputes and grievances with regards to the mobile and mobile broadband services.
– Developing the Brand in telecom and ISP sector.
– Responding to consumer through calls or written format.
– Handling difficult situations case by case with better co-ordination of customer, solicitors and executive offices.
– Retention of customers in the niche and competitive telecom and ISP sector.
– Developing customer oriented strategies and improving customer satisfaction scores.
– Collating constant feedback from customer via surveys and forwarding the reports to concerns departments.
– Escalating the grievances to concerns authority by keeping constant follow up to resolve the differences.


Sales and Customer Support

, Indien

– Developing Marketing Campaigns and strategies based on the projects.
– Working within the budget and develop the cost effective strategies using existing and building new contacts.
– Implementing the theoretical research data and analyzing the implementation.
– Generation of leads and channels for sales teams.
– Managing, training and improvising the new techniques of soft and sales skills based on the analysis.
– Managing and presenting the project report.
– Product development and creating a substantial Market for it.
– Developing the brand image and strategies for maximising the customer retention.


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