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Graduate Studies
Wirtschaftswissenschaften (weiterführend)

, Österreich

Graduate studies in German translation and International Business and Business Law.



Bachelor of Arts (BA)
Unternehmensführung, Management

, Vereinigte Staaten

BA in International Business. Foundation to International Trade and Economics, Communication and Negotiation, with an emphasis in International Relations and Politics.


Tätigkeit / Unternehmen

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Senior Project Manager

, Vereinigte Staaten

Key member in driving Manufacturing companywide airplane paint and Automated Identification Technologies (specifically Active RFID) strategies. Project Manager of eleven concurrent projects. The principal focus of these projects is to reduce work flow in the airplane Paint Hangers. Accomplished through work statement improvements, facilities upgrades, technology insertion that changes the manner of Paint Hanger Manufacturing wide processes. Work with cross functional organizations across to improve manufacturing, leveraging LEAN and Employee Involvement specialists.
Implementation of Project Web Server for Project Portfolio Management and modifying Project Management Office processes to new processes.


Project Manager

, Vereinigte Staaten

Business Project Manager for 787 eConfiguration (Customer Engineering)
The eConfig (electronic Configuration) team is responsible for creating the tool to allow Customer Engineering and Airline Customers to create configurations for 787 aircraft.
Project Manager eConfig Data Change Management Board Facilitator – accountable for managing Data Change Requests from internal team and Airplane level changes and running bi-weekly eConfig Change Management Board. Responsible for business acceptance testing for 2 major releases and 2 minor software releases. eConfig and Customer Integration Focal for Opportunity, Risk and Issues management for 787-8, 787-9 and SIP&T (Software Implementations Process & Tools) risks.


Project Manager

, Vereinigte Staaten

Project Manager for Enterprise Supplier Tool.
The BEST team is responsible for integrating functionality and data for 40+ Enterprise and Division Supplier, Purchasing and Payment systems. Project Manager responsible for managing project status for BEST IT Manager. Collected data for EVM, project status and performing data analysis to identify trends and make recommendations to IT Manager. Change Board Facilitator – accountable for managing Change Requests from customer Focals and running monthly BEST Change Board. Accountable for bi-annual capacity planning. Instituted metrics for bug tracking and visibility, through metrics and daily status checks for all data warehouse projects. BEST Focal for Capability Maturity Model Integration maturity initiative.


Program Management Consultant

, Vereinigte Staaten

A few of the examples of the projects I managed.
Implemented Point of Sale software including inventory and accounting system for jeweler. Responsible training of employees for Point of Sale software. Document requirements for outsourced IT web development. Interviewed customers to determine their needs and translate their needs into functional specifications. Responsible for managing the outsourced web development project to delivery. IT support including the supervision of server and computer maintenance of Novell network.


Program Manager

, Vereinigte Staaten

Program Manager MSN Internet Access
MSN Internet Access. API Program Manager
Managed migration of legacy Customer Account system. Responsible for work estimates, specifications including preliminary data models, scheduling and managing software lifecycle. Lead for implementation of SurfControl’s Parental Control software for MSN Explorer. In charge of MSN XML communications and integration between new DSL vendors and MSN Internet Access.


Program Manager

, Vereinigte Staaten

Windows Plug & Play Program Manager
Windows Millennium: Plug & Play & Power Management
In charge of prioritization, feature requests and bug triage for all facets of Power Management and Plug & Play. Coordinated external dependencies with Windows component groups for both PnP and Power Management. In charge of evangelizing Windows Millennium Hibernation to Hardware and driver manufacturers. Responsible for getting Independent Hardware vendor’s drivers into Windows Millennium, from testing to legal agreements.


Program Manager

, Vereinigte Staaten

Consumer NT Program Manager
Neptune - Consumer NT
Core OS redesign of core security infrastructure of Windows 2000 to make it easier to use for consumer computer users. Defined and worked through concepts for the design of the Windows Credential Manager. Developed and implemented technical and functional requirements for Windows XP multi user consumer log on. Researched new log-on methods to Windows Consumer, working on tighter integration of Biometric and Smart card based systems.


Technical Program Manager

, Vereinigte Staaten

Windows 98 / Win98SE - WebTV for Windows
Technical liaison between and third party software and hardware development firms and television broadcast companies. Deployment, testing and implementing of VBI solution for Interactive TV Programming content to WebTV for Windows clients. Responsible for scheduling, development, cost assessments and risk management within the software development lifecycle.



, Vereinigte Staaten


Freelance Beta Coorinator

, Vereinigte Staaten

In charge of Beta testing for Geography Product Unit. Coordinating public releases of Beta software. Working to incorporate feedback and changes into Street, Road Atlas and Encarta World Atlas.


Inside Sales

, Vereinigte Staaten

Inside Sales of products. Emphasis on Windows 95 information and sales.



, Vereinigte Staaten



, Deutschland

Aide in establishing operations in Germany for entertainment electronics company.

Aus- und Weiterbildung

Abschluss / Institut



LEAN Managment

, Vereinigte Staaten

Application of Lean Fundamentals
Lean principles (Takt, Flow, Pull) to their every day job duties and responsibilities. The modules in this course represent the foundation for the Lean Production System and are the necessary building blocks to all other Lean tools. The class provides a basic understanding of Lean principles, concepts, tools, including Time Based Strategy, Production System House, 5S, & Visuals, Standard Operations/Tools, Continuous Flow, Measures, Set-up Reduction, and Mistake Proofing.

At the end of this course participants will be able to::
- Identify waste in all work environments
- Demonstrate how the Lean Concepts are part of the Production System House
- Discuss how Measures can drive the appropriate behaviors to eliminate waste



Masters Certificate in Project Management

, Vereinigte Staaten

Masters Certificate in Project Management


Prüfung / Zertifikat
Fließend (C1)

Grundkenntnisse (A1)


Weitere Fähigkeiten

Interessen, Hobbys, Persönliches

Portfolio Management, Process Improvement, Requirements Gathering, Earned Value Management, Data Warehouse, LEAN Manufacturing Improvement, Implementation, Aerospace, Software Development, Innovation Management, Internet of Things, Active and Passive RFID.

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